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AutoBracket is a comprehensive bracketing software designed to automate the bracketing processes that are necessary to run a successful wrestling tournament. It is the ultimate wrestling software for youth wrestling tournaments and youth wrestling programs. AutoBracket will eliminate the guesswork involved in creating brackets and will also eliminate the tedious task of hand writing all of the brackets and score sheets.

OnLine Registraitons (OLR)

OnLine Registrations allows you to collect your registration data effortlessly online.  Using OnLine Registrations eliminates the need to enter your data manually.  Since the data is entered by your customers, the responsibility for accuracy is now placed on them.  Simply direct your customers to register online and have them do the data entry for you. Then, before your tournament, simply download the data and have AutoBracket load the data directly. Our OLR system can be linked from your organization's web page, or if your organization does not have a web page, we can set one up for you. The optional Credit Card Processing can be added to streamline tournament check-in!!  

The TWTCommunity

The TWTCommunity is a web based system that enables club managers to establish their clubs presence on the web by providing simple yet effective customizable web pages for their organization. This application requires a very basic knowledge of the computer and the Internet. Yet, the TWTCommunity provides every club with a page for a mission statement and announcements, a calendar for club events with event listings, the optional OnLine Registration system.  These web pages are TOTALLY FREE for our AutoBracket customers and are very inexpensive for all others.


Read why Tournament directors love AutoBracket

"On behalf of the Barrington Bronco Wreslting Club, I want to thank you for your support and the opportunity to utilize the Autobracket program again this year. We had over 800 wrestlers from 32 teams and told everyone "Wrestling will begin at 9:00". With 2/3rds of our wrestlers weighing-in that morning, we closed weigh-ins at 8:00 and our wrestlers were bracketed by 8:45. Wrestling started at 9:00 sharp! Your software makes it easy to adjust to last minute wrestler changes and the power ranking feature made for some very fair and competitive brackets. We have been working with your program for nearly 5 years now and I can not imagine running our tournament without your system! We look forward to your continued advances with Autobracket and many more seasons of working together to promote youth wrestling. "
        Jeff Boundy, Director & Coach, Barrington Broncos Wrestling Club

"I have to start out by saying your software has made my life a heck of a lot easier these past two years and I think we have formed what will turn out to be a very long business relationship. You've been very helpful with getting us set up and it really made the tournament run smoothly. Thanks for everything."
        Curtis Marolf, Head Wrestling Coach, Fremont Bergan

"Elkhorn Wrestling Club has always taken great pride in running a farily large tournament, and keeping things running smoothly and on time. In the past, we put all the kids on index cards, grouped them together after weigh-ins, and had 8 mom's sitting in a circle manually writing out brackets, and bout sheets before each round.
AutoBracket was wonderful, we just entered all the kids in a spreadsheet, imported it, added their weights after weigh ins. Bracketing was done with a click of a button. We spent 5-10 minutes fixing any anomalies. And voila, we simply hit print, and Autobracket generates the brackets, the bout sheets, handles the details of 3 man brackets, 5 man brackets, etc. We will definitely be using Autobracket going forward.
In 2007 we decided to further automate our tournament by utilizing their On Line Registration capabilities. We host a tournament with over 700 wrestlers, and in years past we always entered the wrestlers manually. As we all know, that is a tedious process, and lends itself to some errors. Allowing individuals, and clubs to enter their own registration on line, not only made our life easier. But also greatly reduced any errors. It is a very simple process for the club coaches, or individuals to go out and register. By not including a mailing address or even a fax # on our registration flier we had over 80% of our 700+ register themselves online.
        Gregg Heiman, Elkhorn Wrestling Club

"AutoBracket made a big difference in the stress level of the day, as far as getting the tournament started and running smoothly. We previously had about 6 women hand writing the brackets. Obviously this takes a lot of time and pushes the window to get the tourney started on time. With Auto-bracket we were able to get the brackets posted on the walls 20 minutes before the start time, so that the wrestlers could be ready to go to their mats on time. Our table help also liked the match cards for scoring. This made it easy to assure that we had the matches distributed evenly to all mats to minimize dead mat time. Again the best thing to me is how easy it was to do the bracketing, which has always been the biggest challenge of running a tournament. Thanks for the great software and we will never hand write brackets again."
        Kevin Hansen, Blue Hill Wrestling Club

" Wow. Thats about all I have to say. This is an amazing program, but you already know that. It was worth every penny. I showed 2 girls in the bracketing room how to do it. They exported and imported. We had a couple of missed kids, that without auto bracket, it would have been a disaster trying to fix it. The tournament ran on time, even though I had to switch/add 4 different brackets. One of my girls, who had been in the bracketing room for a couple years now, said that the guy who made this program must have been an angel. I appreciate all the help you gave me. We will be using autobracket for years to come. In a few years, I believe every club in the state, possibly the nation will be using your program. I am very impressed and it made my job effortless. I am a full believer now. Anyhow, thank you for all your help. With all the things involved organizing a tournament, this made one of the elements a breeze. We only had about 250 kids show up, but we had some exciting action. Everything ran smoothly and we had a lot of comments. Some coaches asked about the program and I let them know where to go online. I'll talk to ya next year."
        Butch Hayes, Falls City Wrestling Club

"Do you run a kid’s wrestling tournament? If so Auto Bracket is your best option. We run a 1300 entrant youth state tournament bringing wrestlers from end-to-end of our 500 mile wide state, with no set weight classes and where priorities are on balanced 8-man brackets and separating wrestlers so they see competition, other than kids who they’ve competed against all season. AutoBracket reduced our requirements from 10-12 people over 12 hours or more, to 5-6 people over a 6 hour period, with no one writing brackets by hand. We are sold on the AutoBracket system."
        Fred Hall, President and Tournament Director, Huskerland Wrestling

"AutoBracket saved us. It was our first Tournament and we were expecting about 250 entries, we couldn't believe it when 405 kids signed up. Bracketing by hand is a big job and very stressful. But thanks to AutoBracket it was all ok. I just entered the information in the computer and I was set. It was so fast and easy I couldn't believe it. We weren't sure what to expect our first year but it was a great success and we had nothing but compliments. I would recommend AutoBracket to everyone!"
        Niki Smutz and Coaches of Scribner-Snyder Youth Wrestling

"We recently had our Booster Club Wrestling Tournament, and have previously either bracketed participants by hand or an antiquated database using printed labels. As we prepared for this years tournament, I found the AutoBracket program while on the Internet, thought it would be a terrific tool for automating the process.
I called TrueWind Technologies on the Thursday before our Saturday Tournament and was sent the program on Friday evening. I set our Tournament preferences on Friday evening, and we were ready to go on Saturday. Data entry was very easy and the reports and score sheets it printed were wonderful, adjustments to brackets were very easy to make, and it made the whole process very easy. This program is not difficult to use, if I can do it, anyone can. I will reemphasize (Tom mentions this in instructions) the use of multiple printers to facilitate speed, but the data entry process was not an issue."

        Lisa Rockhill, Central Lyon Athletic Booster Club

"We have met with the folks from AutoBracket.com about providing a bracketing system and software for your sport if you are interested. These gentlemen are willing to put on a clinic and a question/answer session at our office if enough of you are interested in it. Our wrestling committee has used this system for Cornhusker State Games and they endorse it highly."
        Scott Ash, Director of Operations, Nebraska Sports Council

"For about ten years our club has been using a program that I wrote to run our tournament. After using AutoBracket for this year's tournament, my program has opted for early retirement. AutoBracket is a well designed user-friendly program that specifically addresses the needs of youth wrestling tournaments. AutoBracket easily handles the no-shows, late entries and scratches that can cause bracketing headaches and late starts. The "swap", "move up" and "move down" bracketing tools combined with the ability to instantly change individual bracket types allow you to bracket with a minimum of time, effort and manpower. The annual fee to use AutoBracket is a wise investment for a club; a well run tournament one year increases entries, attendance and concessions the next year."
        Bruce Hart, Cozad Wrestling Club

"AutoBracket is GREAT! This is the second year we have used it and it works real slick. Instead of having a dozen guys in a room doing the bracketing, it only takes one computer operator with coaches available to consult with. We never had a tournament run so smooth.
AutoBracket made bracketing and re-bracketing a breeze. At our tournament, a weight challenge made an adjustment necessary, and AutoBracket took care of it with ease. I could not imagine running a tournament without it.Thanks."
        Tony & Kathy Allington, Raymond Central Wrestling Club

"I have been running wrestling tournaments for nearly ten years as Tournament Director. By far this was the most efficient tournament we have ever run. The reason was AutoBracket. This was our largest tournament to date (437 wrestlers) and we finished 1 1/2 hours ahead of time. No waiting around for bracketing to write out brackets. No lost times at the tables filling in and advancing brackets. AutoBracket truly is worth every cent we invested. Tom Sawyer has a great product. It's a Tournament Directors dream."
        Marty Rowland, Past President and Tournament Director, Milford Wrestling Club

"I was very impressed with the functionality of the Auto Bracket software and the ease in modifying the entries. With minimal support required, I was able to operate the software and Tom Sawyer was a great support when assistance was required. Additionally, the feature designed to create the bracketing was essential in making selections that made the tournament a success!"
        Kathi Schildt, Milford Wrestling Club

"AutoBracket has everything, I don't know how you could make it better. Our tournament last year was a disaster, this year with the use of AutoBracket, we had compliments from other teams that our meet was the most organized they had been to all year!!! We fully support the use of AutoBracket! Thanks Tom."
        Brad and Barb, North Platte Wrestling Club

"AutoBracket is a dream come true for a tournament director of an annual tournament that averages 300+ entrants."
        Ted Reehl, Head Coach, Norris Wrestling Club

"AutoBracket saved us manpower, time, and stress. With extremely user-friendly features that even a wrestler can use, the former work of fifteen people was decreased to the work of one. Our tournament ran extremely smoothly thanks to AutoBracket. I would recommend this to any club or organization that wants to save time, money, and stress when running a wrestling tournament."
        Andrew Fulton, Wrestling Coach, Waverly Mat Club


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